Who Are We?

Committed and passionate, we are an NGO dedicated to protecting and advocating for the mental health of displaced or exiled populations. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of seasoned mediators, renowned psychiatrists, and dedicated human rights advocates who specialize in war medicine, psychotraumatology, and the broader implications of displacement on mental wellness.

Our Mission

At the core of our mission lies a profound commitment to not just respond to immediate crises, but to also address the long-term psychological effects of displacement. We equip our teams with state-of-the-art tools and methodologies that enable them to deliver culturally sensitive, effective mental health care tailored to the unique challenges faced by each community. Our approach ensures that mental health care is not only accessible but also adaptable to the diverse needs of populations traumatized by conflict and upheaval. ■ We believe in the power of advocacy and the urgent need for systemic change to recognize and treat mental health with the same urgency and importance as physical health. Through our reports, we influence policymakers and stakeholders worldwide, advocating for policies that uphold the dignity and rights of all individuals affected by displacement. ■ In every region we serve, we strive to bring not only expertise and treatment but also hope—a belief in a future where mental health is recognized as a critical part of overall well-being and where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, can access the support they need to heal and thrive.

What Do We Do?

Our mission is critical: we actively engage with displaced or refugee populations around the globe, dedicating ourselves to the assessment and enhancement of their mental health. This crucial work spans all ages, focusing on both youth and adults, and adheres strictly to the high standards set by the World Health Organization.

■ In every encounter, we meticulously document our findings, leveraging this data to advocate vigorously for the fundamental human right to well-being. We also seek reparations for civilian victims of armed conflicts, striving to address the injustices inflicted upon them. Our advocacy efforts are aimed at ensuring mental health is regarded with the same seriousness as physical health, influencing public policy and community practices to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment.

■ To this end, we have developed a variety of specialized programs—such as TraumaLing, ExiLing, and EduConflit—that are carefully tailored to address the specific psychopathologies prevalent among the populations we serve. Each program is designed with a deep understanding of the cultural and contextual factors that influence mental health, ensuring that our interventions are both effective and sensitive to the needs of those affected by conflict and displacement.

■ When you choose one of our programs, you are not just receiving a service; you are engaging a comprehensive support system. We provide extensive evaluation and follow-up, encompassing both medical (psychotrauma) and legal (restorative justice) aspects. This dual approach ensures that every individual we help can receive holistic care that addresses both their immediate needs and their long-term recovery.

■ Our commitment extends beyond immediate crisis intervention to encompass ongoing support and empowerment of individuals, enabling them to rebuild their lives and communities. By working closely with local partners and stakeholders, we ensure that our efforts are sustainable and have a lasting impact.

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How Do We Do It?

We provide a comprehensive service that spans from initial assessment to complete restoration, incorporating meticulous legal monitoring and dedicated medical care at every step. This holistic approach ensures that the individuals we serve receive not only immediate assistance but also long-term support tailored to their specific needs.

■ Upon being commissioned, our expert team promptly deploys to the field. The first step involves a thorough mental health evaluation, conducted through detailed interviews and comprehensive psychometric testing. Our trained professionals are not just assessing; they are actively listening and understanding the nuanced experiences of each individual, ensuring that the care we offer is deeply empathetic and culturally sensitive.

■ Following the initial assessment, a detailed report is compiled, capturing the depth and breadth of the mental health challenges faced by the individuals. This report is crucial as it is immediately forwarded to our emergency psycho-medical unit. Here, specialists evaluate the urgency of each case and prioritize ongoing care for the most severe cases, providing interventions that can range from immediate psychological support to long-term therapy and rehabilitation.

■ Our efforts do not end with medical intervention. Our dedicated advocacy team takes a proactive role in championing the rights of trauma victims. They use the insights gained from field reports and direct assessments to advocate for restorative justice. This involves engaging with legal systems and community leaders to ensure that the rights of the affected individuals are recognized and upheld. Our team fights tirelessly to secure compensation, support, and recognition for the victims, emphasizing the importance of mental health in achieving true justice and societal healing.

■ In addition to our fieldwork, we invest in training and development for our teams to ensure that their skills and methods remain on the cutting edge of trauma care and advocacy. We also collaborate with international mental health organizations, local NGOs, and community groups to extend our reach and deepen our impact, creating networks of support that empower individuals and communities to recover and rebuild.

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Our Expertise

Our expertise is uniquely multidimensional: rooted in scientific rigor, enhanced by the latest technological advancements, and grounded in practical, field-tested experience. Our approach combines these elements to create a comprehensive framework that is highly effective in crisis and conflict environments.

■ Technological Sophistication and Practical Application: Our instruments are not just tools; they are lifelines designed for portability and versatility in the most challenging conditions. They are multilingual and developed directly from real-life human case studies, ensuring they are perfectly suited for rapid deployment in emergency responses across diverse geographical and cultural contexts. This adaptability makes our technology indispensable in crisis or conflict zones, where conditions can change rapidly and the needs are immediate and complex.

■ Scientific Innovation in Psychometrics: We employ state-of-the-art psycholinguistic and psychometric tools that stand at the forefront of mental health technology. These tools are specially designed to assess and document mental health conditions with precision and sensitivity. By enabling the on-site collection and analysis of victim testimonies directly in their native languages, our methodology circumvents the potential distortions of translation, preserving the authenticity and accuracy of the data collected. This capability is critical for understanding the full scope of trauma impacts and tailoring interventions that are culturally and linguistically appropriate.

■ Refinement Through Experience: The effectiveness of our tools is a testament to the extensive field experience of our medical and psychotrauma experts. Over many years, these professionals have honed these instruments through continuous application and refinement in the field, learning from each deployment to enhance their functionality and responsiveness. Their expertise is not only in the design and use of the tools but also in interpreting the complex data these tools generate, ensuring that our interventions are informed by the most reliable and insightful information available.

■ Commitment to Excellence: Our dedication to integrating scientific, technological, and practical expertise sets us apart in the field of humanitarian aid. It allows us to provide unmatched support to those affected by crises and conflicts, helping to alleviate suffering and promote recovery through innovative and effective mental health care. Each element of our expertise is continually developed to stay ahead of emerging challenges in mental health care, ensuring that we are always ready to respond when and where we are needed most.

<span><span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))">Our Expertise</span></span>

"At the helm of our NGO, we have a distinguished team of leaders who bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep commitment to our mission of supporting mental health in conflict zones. Each member of our leadership team is pivotal in steering our initiatives and ensuring that we deliver effective and compassionate care to those in need."

Dr. Mathieu Guidere
(Founder & President)

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